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Carlos Latuff
Current Residence: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Favourite genre of music: Disco, R&B, Metal, Techno
Favourite photographer: Sebastiao Salgado
Favourite style of art: Photomontage
Favourite cartoon character: Sponge Bob Square Pants
Dear brothers and sisters-in-arts,

By now I'm uploading my cartoons on Twitter. If you have an account, you can follow me at

My images can be seen here:…

People can contact me directly by email:

Thank you!



Download for free zip files containing high-resolution artworks (cartoons, photomontages, comics) produced by me from 2002 to March, 2008. All the artworks can be freely reproduced, without my formal permission.

Palestine (283 images)…
Artintifada (thumbnail gallery)…

Iraq (252 images)…

Once saved to your computer, share it with people. Upload it on different servers, make it available on websites and file sharing clients, save it to CD, make copies and distribute. Make these cartoons to reach people with no access to Internet.

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iCandyCorn Featured By Owner 4 days ago
not to start a fight but um you're kind of the hypocrite here, making the good palestine people look bad. you're saying they are hate-speech when you're defaming them? you are quite the man :sarcasm:        :^)
DANI311 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Great work.  Clap 
OseanSoldier Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
Dang, I have heard better arguments from Joe Biden in favor of gun control.  And he and all the other liberals know nothing about guns.  And since you are to lazy to look up this stuff yourself, I will give you links to everyone of my points and spoon feed you.

1) okay... really?  no one  attacked first?  Then how does a freaking war start?  Someone has to attack first for there to be a war. "On 15 May 1948 the ongoing civil war transformed into an inter-state conflict between Israel and the Arab states. A combined invasion by Egypt, Jordan and Syria, together with expeditionary forces from Iraq, entered Palestine - Jordan having declared privately to Yishuv emissaries on May 2 it would abide by a decision not to attack the Jewish state.[11] The invading forces took control of the Arab areas and immediately attacked Israeli forces and several Jewish settlements.[12][13][14] The 10 months of fighting, interrupted by several truce periods, took place mostly on the former territory of the British Mandate and for a short time also in the Sinai Peninsula and southern Lebanon.[15]"

Yes, Egypt started the war, but if they hadn't interfered with Israeli/Palestinian internal affairs, a interstate war would have been unlikely and a more peaceful, long term agreement could have been reached.

2) lol, I told you why you were wrong, maybe you should read more carefully.  The level to which Iran is enriching uranium is only good for making Nuclear Weapons, not for civilian use, medical or power related.  While 20% enriched uranium is not enough for a bomb, it could easily be made so it can.  20% is FOUR times higher than civilian enriched uranium.…

3) As I said, I disagree with the Israeli settlements.  I think they are doing it try and gain more land in the event a Palestinian State is created.

4) just because Israel has a good chance of shooting down the missiles doesn't mean that they don't have to retaliate.  And it doesn't have to be rocket attacks, Palestinian terrorists kidnap and kill Israelis as well.…

5) I personally use Drudge Report for my news.  Though sometimes I don't want to read it as I am afraid of what I will find... like the invasion of the US that is happening right now....
I digress, so what, they have drones flying around, kind of understandable given how unstable the area is.  And if they are using small rockets, the damage to civilians would be kept to a minimum.

6) Once again, given the instability of the area, what is curfew and soldiers with guns walking around going to do?  How does that harm them?

7) then why single out Israel?  If everyone does it as you claim, why is it wrong for Israel to do it?  And you need to relook up the definition of terror.  I can assure you that the "terror" the US Army uses is not the same as the terror the Syrian Rebels use.  The US Army doesn't plan bombs along sides roads nor attack civilian targets and force them to live under religious law as the Syrian Rebels do.  The US Army doesn't behead civilians as the terrorists do.…

US weapons still miss by a mile occationally, no weapon is perfect, mishaps do happen. Just because they miss doesn't mean they are "missing" on purpose.  What would Israel have to gain by missing and killing innocent civilians on purpose?  It is completely illogical for them to do so.

And I do have a reliable news source as I said earlier, I don't read/watch CNN (Communist News Network) or the other large media stations.  I get my news from Drudge Report.
ChristoMan Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Tearing? Oh mate. Your points have no evidence or proof, I've heard better arguments from Bill O'Reily ;) 

1: no one attacked first. Israel was given the land by the British government, their original request was to export all the Palestinians to Egypt. But since people like you need a starting point for war that's very narrow, Egypt was the country that started the war against Israel.

 2: I don't watch Iranian news, it's funny how you assume if I disagree with Israel that I must be a Muslim or Pro Iranian lover. Lol how typical. Vice news, CNN and most networks that aren't Fox or from Israel, state that Iran wanting nuclear weapons has been destroyed to back sanctions and possibly war in favour or the United States and Israel. And once again your "tearing" my argument apart is simply you saying "no" woth some extra words :P

3: technically it's not some conspiracy planned by the government, they just haven't stepped in to properly deal with the settlements.

4: when Vice news went to the Gaza Strip, the chances of a rocket hitting anywhere in Israel now is unlikely, since the sanctions and blockades are so strong, most rockets are shot down. Hamas has a better chance of just charging the wall and shooting at soldiers then using rockets anymore. (Also the rocket attacks are concocted by small numbers of extremists, Israel doesn't need to blow up whole blocks because it's iron dome shoots a shitty rocket out of the sky.

5: I'm using vice a lot as they are one of the most reliable news source as they actually went into the Gaza Strip. :nod: their are drones flying around all over the place, it was kinda creepy as literally you could see them all over the place. They normally attack at night and only attack with small caliber rockets that can take out nothing bigger then a house.

6: curfew and using almost marshal law in certain areas of the West Bank, and the Gollom heights. Nah I have no problem with the US Navy, though the United States is trying to suck Australia into it's warming Cold War with China by building bases here. I'm against that simply because it's hypocritical. And I like Australia being left out of US foreign policy.

7: so do freedom fighters man ;) the "freedom fighters" in Syria use terror, the Australian army uses terror, and the Untied States army uses terror. Israel is no exception. 

So going by your logic, if I hit a civilian target, all I need to say is "I was aiming for terrorists" and that closes the case? If Israel has the most advance rockets in the world, how come they are still hitting civilian targets? I've seen footage of their rockets missing their targets by miles. This all also falls back on the point, that Gaza's attack capabilities are nothing compared to Israel. So their excuses for attacking are weak, and most of the world has caught them out for it.

Watch Vice man. Or try reading sources that political parties aren't funding. You might learn something new. 
OseanSoldier Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014
You know... I read this and I started grinning.  I am going to enjoy tearing this argument to tiny pieces.

1) Palestine attacked first, Israel counter attacked and took the land to ensure its own safety.  Nazi Germany attacked out of lust for power and land trying to conquer all of Europe.
2) deceiving?  You actually believe all that garbage Iran spews out?  Iran IS trying to develop nuclear weapons.  Why else would they be enriching uranium to the point that they are.  You try and use that uranium for medical purposes there won't be a patient left.
3) that is one Israeli policy I don't agree with, won't argue with you here
4) Maybe if they didn't constantly launch rockets and kill Israeli civilians, there would not be a need for any sanctions
5) I have not heard of Israeli drone strikes (have heard of air strikes so maybe that is it) but last time I checked... they were bombing terrorists.
6) please explain the intimidating.  I suppose you also hate America's Navy (or what's left of it after what Obama has done to it) too?  It is a VERY intimidating force that is used to influence politics around the world.
7) ha ha ha.. no.  Terrorist use TERROR against civilians, military, and political opponents.  All the terrorist reside in the Gaza strip as they launch rockets into Israel and kill civilians.  Israel targets the terrorists, not the civilians.  And before you counter with the Israeli strikes kill civilians, a lot of those are faked and the ones that are real are the Palestine terrorists own fault.  They launch their rockets from locations right next to hospitals and schools hoping that Israel will strike back and kill civilians.

Please feel free to try again.
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