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December 16, 2009
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Global Warming by Latuff2 Global Warming by Latuff2
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This is why I'm eco-socialist
Do you know, most of Climate Change 'solutions' are just for Capitalism
ok some logical points from yalls conversations , glad to see <3. but some illogical points too, the soviet union had many of the exact same oppressive structures as we see today. what makes up "opposite"? what makes some conditions inevitable and others negotiable? But also if we are willing to recognize the production in the world as being recognizably similar enough to each other and thus you can classify it with one label like "capitalism" , how is it possible one can say that the way the world works is somehow external to this, the ruling order of the day? I think there were many many chances to be less destructive in the world than either the soviet union , china, and the "Capitalist countries" (if you want to break it down further thats fine by me) have been. i think an important point to start with talking of these production related systemic workings is to be polite to each other and not be divisive, because the only way to solve these things is together , not with the delusion that we are somehow unconnected individuals.

p.s. 95% of communists/socialists today aren't a bunch of soviet/china "communism" nostalgia freaks, if you want to see what i mean check out the socialist standard from the uk , [link] , i don't think of it as a system but a philosophy to draw from . if you were to ask me the correct direction to go economically worldwide it would be something like this [link] .
Okay, I've been looking at pieces from this gallery for a few days now, haven't been commenting, couldn't really think of anything to say. This...
Even if there was no capitalism, we would still have factories, we would still have cars, we would still have power plants, because even if there are no capitalists, people still have needs. Even without capitalism, there would still be a huge population, which can only be supplied by mass production. You can't feed a country the old way, you can't supply a country the old way, and you can't clothe a country the old way. We can never go back to before the industrial revolution, which was not caused by capitalism in the first place, so it is still not to blame for the current pollution issues. Overpopulation, which is not caused by capitalism, is partly/mostly to blame for pollution issues. What causes overpopulation is more people being born than dying, which is only because we have more advanced medicine, and poor quality education in most of the places of the world that have these issues.
Zanondorf Sep 28, 2011
very good arguement, and what you're saying is quite true. example, the Soviet Union has done quite a lot of environmental destruction contributing to global warming and other severe environmental disasters, and they were obviously the opposite of capitalism.
I don't think it did any more or less environmental damage, though nuclear testing and power have resulted in radiation near or in populated areas, but proportionally, the USSR didn't do any more or less damage than any other country for it's size. Just saying. As far as I know.
But thank you for agreeing with me~
Cosmic--Chaos Apr 8, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I feel the same way, capitalism invokes nothing but greed, exploitation and crises.
The Capitalist pig should fry.
OddFox17 Aug 22, 2011  Student Writer
And socialism is somehow better?
Cosmic--Chaos Aug 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Absolutely not! DX
OddFox17 Aug 27, 2011  Student Writer
Then what do you suggest we do?
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