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Hard lesson for Obama by Latuff2 Hard lesson for Obama by Latuff2
High resolution version: [link]
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maggy2013 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
budzo Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014
Brilliant... though it might have been eve better if Malcolm was drawn as bigger, so Obama would be drawn to "kid" scale.  A few tears flying off the President's face would be nice too.

Though after the mid-term disaster this week, this drawing could be updated so that Uncle Sam is doing the spanking.   

And after the usual amount of time, maybe Father Time will have Obama across his knee, expressing the "judgement of history."  I'll bet the Nobel Committee wishes they could have a do-over on that Peace Prize they gave him.
rondrigo-alex Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014
potente, inolvidable
Kevin2097 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
I don't hate obama
JessicaBlood Featured By Owner May 22, 2011
Anime-ko Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2011
*we could DO with
Anime-ko Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2011
Woot woot, we could with someone like Malcolm in a high place...
Usayd Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010
This is legendary
Warsie Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Was thinking this was Malcolm X :D
DarkPrince2007 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL, teach him about how to be a good leader, Malcom!!! :happycry:
Tali999 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2010
YESSSSSS! Dear god thank you!!! :love:
Zahrah Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2010  Professional General Artist
I can just hear Malcolm now. "You call yourself a black leader!" LMAO :w00t:
SchattenLotus Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2010
Why is he getting a Beat up? ^^
Kajm Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Because he's not as racist as malcom X. But he's working on it!
LovePeaceAndHappines Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010
Malcom might have been a racist when he first started the fight against racist Usa. But he died sending out a message about being equal. The world is blinded by Obamas skin colour, Obama is just a puppet being controled by his puppet masters!
Fairyspit Featured By Owner May 2, 2010
I should┤nt try to convince a theorist of complot, but you mix up something.
Bush was the puppet of his puppet masters called NRA (National Rifle Association).
Kajm Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Hmmm, good point. In fact that message of equality may well be what got him killed :(
Exactly, because when he started to preach equality and peace he became a bigger and stronger force. There where no longer only African Americans following his idea but alson people from other races and belives.
AmericanMuslim Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011
I still don't know why the lack of knowledge of people in the world surprises me....
Most people only know about the 'racist' Malcolm X cause that's what you see in the Media... When Malcolm X realized that "The Nation" had NOTHING to do with Islam after going for Hajj, he realized what it meant to have a world where everyone was equal... He knew what it meant to be Muslim.. We need another Malcolm X...
SchattenLotus Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2010
What do you mean, he is working on it? x3
Did he mess with someone?
jtlim Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2010
Hoorah! Malcom X! Teach That Capitalist Obama! w00t!

Well done on this =)
Fairyspit Featured By Owner May 2, 2010
obama is democrat, not capitalist.
and he wanted to enact the financial regulatory reform, so the capitalism bankers have no power anymore.
result: to regulate capitalism

summary: so why should a supossed to be capitalist regulate capitalism?
wouldn┤t bring much effort to him, would it?

think about it!
Xlavok Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011
Actually you have it wrong, Democrat is a name of a party which is a Capitalist party like the Republicans (hence why the two party system is actually one party which their both Capitalist parties with interests of the bourgeoisie not the working classes)
jtlim Featured By Owner May 3, 2010
Democrats are Capitalist, and Obama is without exception a Capitalist, and he bows down willingly to the Capitalist Bankers. Once you work for the inner circle of the capitalist system, that system changes you into a capitalist.

Is he wasn't a Capitalist, why would he want a bill to improve Private Healthcare instead of Public Healthcare? That would cut off millions of citizens from access to proper health care that is't Privatized.

Plus Capitalist have a vested interested in Imperialism, just as Obama has sent thousand more troops to kill and be killed in Afganisthan, because war in the capitalist's eyes is Profitable. Which Democrat has not waged an Imperialist War?
Fairyspit Featured By Owner May 4, 2010
I think, you have a wrong point of view.

If he bows willingly to the capitalistic bankers, why would he say something like:

"I will say that I think most Americans would say that some of the behavior generally on Wall Street, even if it's legal, doesn't seem to serve much of an economic purpose and puts, as we've discovered, the entire economy at risk, and that the more that we get -- make sure there's transparency, openness, clarity about how the financial system is working; the more that we have, for example, higher capital requirements, less leverage in the system -- it may be a little boring and may reduce bonuses for some of the players on Wall Street, but we'll end up having a safer, more secure financial system, and I think banks and other financial institutions can get back to making money the old-fashioned way, which is by lending it to companies to build businesses and create jobs and do all the things that we want our financial system to do."
TPM, April 29, 2010
He don't thinks capitalistic. He thinks economic. and there is no bad thing about it. He wants to keep his country safe and stabilize the economic system so that a crisis like in 2007 does not repeat itself.

Halthcare facilities are largely owned and operated by the private sector in the usa. And you can't improve a public healthcare, where there is no such thing. All you can do is, make the best of the thing you have. The only thing you could call "public" are programs like "Midecare", "Medicaid" and "TRICARE". If you want all americans to have a health assurance, you can't improve nothing but programs. It would brings nothing to the people who have no assurance and can't even heave their broken leg to the hospital, 'cause of no money. Obama made a bill for around 15% of the population of the united states. and what happens? They're thankfull for that.

The Chicago Tribune writes:
"..But with Democrats now firmly in control of the White House and Congress, the party's leaders easily pushed through a $33 billion bill that is expected to provide government-subsidized insurance to 4 million mostly low-income children.

That would reduce the number of uninsured children in America by about half over the next 41/2 years and boost the number covered by the program to 11 million...."
Date of enactment 18th, march 2010.
so where is the capitalist in that?

One thing about the war in afghanistan. Consider how long exactly is obama president. After that consider how long is this war going on? Noticed the difference?
Bush started the war, not obama.
Your conclusion should be that obama has nothing to do with the begining of this war but hopefully he will get the chance to end it very soon.
But for this you need to be able to act quickly and strong. Obama decided to get even more soldiers in danger (a bad thing if you hear it first) but consider that he also decided to reduce the numbers of troupes in the near future, when time is right.
The big goal is to build up a stabile political and legislature system, for that he wants to help to build up the police and everything else you need for that.

Besides if the US troups are gone, doesn┤t mean that this will change the whole thinking of terrorists. They won┤t become peacefully farmers over night because the world wants them to be so.

("which Democrat has not waged an imperialist war?"
It's sure there were some presidents, but George W. Bush was Republican.. and also dit it. By the way, this has nothing to do with Obama.)
jtlim Featured By Owner May 5, 2010
So you're for having the USA troops to Kill and Be Killed in Afghanistan? The whole thing of stabilizing Afghanistan is a lie, it is nothing more than securing the US Imperial Economic Interest in that region, against regional capitalist rivals like China and Russia. The presence of the US Military to dominate that region is the root cause of people doing acts of resisting military occupation that the world media and press gleefully labeled them as "terrorist", and there are more civilian deaths. Plus it is incredibly offensive of Obama to be given the Nobel Peace Prize, it is the sickest of sick jokes. Another fact is that the particular individuals the US had set up to govern Afghanistan, were all war mongers! The "War on Terror" is just going to be another Vietnam! And of course the war by Bush has something to do with Obama, he is continuing where Bush dropped off! Wall St Capitalist voted for Bush to do the dirty job, and they voted for Obama to do the same and now he does so, with their political backing and support!

The Healthcare Reform is a bad thing, for it means that the new laws will force the poor who are uninsured into expensive private insurance, this is robbery that's legalized. how many poor people are there in America? Uncountably Lots.

Their money will go down the drain ? or rather into the insurers? pockets. The US group Physicians for a National Health Program rightly calls the insurance offerings ?defective products?.

Falling sick in the US can be a bad wealth move as well as a bad health move, even for the insured. Often the insurance they purchase for exorbitant amounts doesn?t cover all the costs or cuts out after a short time.

At the moment insurers often cut people off when they become sick, and refuse to insure those with pre-existing conditions. It is only profitable to insure the healthy.

Obama?s reforms will only worsen the trend to higher prices for poor products. As Physicians for a National Health Program say:

?Millions of middle-income people will be pressured to buy commercial health insurance policies costing up to 9.5 per cent of their income, but covering an average of only 70 per cent of their medical expenses, potentially leaving them vulnerable to financial ruin if they become seriously ill. Many will find such policies too expensive to afford or, if they do buy them, too expensive to use because of the high co-pays and deductibles.?

The new laws won?t stop increases in premiums. In fact they are likely to encourage an explosion in rubbish products at higher and higher prices since insurers now have a captive consumer audience and no regulation over their offerings and charges.

Obama?s changes, because they are not based on universal coverage but profit, will mean that the premiums on the old, the infirm and the like will be at much higher rates than those for the fit and healthy.

On top of all this Obama will give $447 billion to insurance companies to subsidise their sub-standard products. So how is Obama going to pay for his gifts to the insurers?

He will tax workers currently in so-called Cadillac schemes (or what we might call Rolls Royce schemes). They are no such thing. These are just schemes which provide halfway decent benefits to workers.

Obama will also rip $US500 billion out of the federal government?s current free health scheme ? Medicare for over 65-year-olds. And he won?t regulate the pricing or quality of the insurance.

What about the extra 32 million Americans who will be covered? That will take ten years to achieve.

In the richest country in the world, 23 million Americans will still be uninsured in a decade. This translates into an extra 23,000 deaths a year, according to Physicians for a National Health Program.

Abortion has been specifically excluded from the insurers? subsidised health plans. Women of child-bearing age will have to get an extra policy costing more to cover the possibility of having an abortion.

It won?t be a problem for rich women to have abortions. It will however under Obama?s regime be even harder for poor and working-class women to get one.

Obama?s reforms do not address the issue at the heart of healthcare ? putting profit before people. Here?s how Michael Moore put it in an interview with Democracy Now!

?The healthcare bill that was passed ultimately will be seen as a victory for capitalism. It protected the capitalist model of providing healthcare for people ? in other words, we are not to help unless there is money to be made from it.?

Universal healthcare guaranteed by government and funded by taxes on the rich and the companies who will benefit from healthy employees puts people before profit. This, coupled with a commitment to spend more on nurses, doctors and hospitals, would address America?s healthcare woes.

But because a single-payer option, as such a scheme is known in the US, would have put people before profits Obama dumped it very early on. He even dumped a public option which would have had a government insurer competing with private insurers.

Why have the liberals in the US and here been so keen to paint Obama?s changes as major reforms? Partly it has to do with the immediate political needs of the day.

Obama?s reformist project was always a lie. He has furthered George W Bush?s agenda both at home and abroad, not challenged it.

For example, unemployment stands at almost ten per cent and will remain high for the foreseeable future, while Obama has done nothing to address the needs of the millions he has given trillions to address the needs of the banks.

Blacks are worse off now than when Obama came to power.

The ?yes we can? President has doubled the number of troops in Afghanistan and ordered more drone bombings in one year than Bush did in eight.

Millions who voted for him are now deeply disillusioned with Obama. So the liberal fašade of change needed a victory. Hence the raptures about Obama?s sick healthcare changes.

When it came to the vote this week, Dennis Kucinich, the most vocal left-wing Congressional opponent of Obama?s scheme ? precisely because it wouldn?t provide universal healthcare ? caved in.

He voted, and he knows it, for what the Physicians for a National Health Program described as ?aspirin dispensed for the treatment of cancer?.

This is the role of the reformist left ? to abandon principles to enable reaction disguised as reform to win.

But there is something deeper in all of this. The era of progressive change is dead in the United States and, as Bill Clinton?s rule-for-the-rich Presidency shows, has been for some time.

Stagnant profit rates since the 1970s have meant that the priority of all politicians and business has been increasing profits, not providing real social benefits or increased living standards to workers.

In fact given this underlying economic stagnation, ?reforms? have become the Trojan horse for attacks on working people, a way of making them pay for the crises of capitalism.
Fairyspit Featured By Owner May 8, 2010
do you have an own mind, or do you often just copy the opinion of a single newsman?

already read this a few weeks ago on this site:

gAdZaRo-reihn14 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dangerman-1973 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lemme guess... Malcolm X.
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